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July 30, 2002

Naturally Speaking...

What if...the world and its people were exactly perfect right now?

What if...there was no other way for the world to be other than it is right now?

What if...what is, is?

How then would we find/notice our perfect place in it?

After studying so many different systems, I have finally realized the meaning of Graves' statement: "people can't be until they are."

Therefore each of us has an attribution from "our" point of view
that "explains" the world, what it needs, what is missing, what
we "should" do.

Each one of us, according to our own meaning-making answer those issues in a
manner more likely than not, in line with our worldview/vMemesystem.
For each vMemesystem/worldview, there is a different answer to the
suffering issue, yet, what if suffering is natural, what then?

What if suffering is the journey?

A couple of years ago my mom died (65).

She was a beautiful person inside and out, never harmed a flea that I
could tell, lived a good straight, god-fearing, people-helping life--
never been in a hospital, fit as a fiddle, worked out daily. One day
she got a flu shot (her first one--she wanted to do the right
thing). 6 years later after suffering each and every day of that
time, she died. For the life of me, I can't figure it, except she
was one of those "statistics" you know...1 in a million, two in ten-
thousand, 1 in a billion, we hear about those all the time....

After considering this and many other things over time, I often
wonder why?

All I can "attribute" is that life is living for some, dying for others, it is a natural way. Some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time, the right place at the right time and the wrong place at the right time and vice versa--all perfectly natural.

In our world, nature takes its course.

Constantly adapting to itself and as a result of itself--perfectly natural. Some of us pull out these natural events and attribute them as this or that....

More than 50,000 died at Gettysburg, more than 1000 are still entombed in the
Arizona...untold millions have died in events around the world over
time...all, including mom have suffered.

Not sure what to make of it, except that it is perfectly natural.

I guess my point is, that lots more will take place that will seem
horrific, yet it too will be perfectly natural.

In my view, alignment with and the understanding of nature opens
doors to us both spiritually and pragmatically.

People can't be until they are.

Doesn't mean we stop "being the change we seek" for it too is
perfectly natural, however what we can do is to live naturally,
respect all things and to open the door to nature's way of changing.

What seems unnatural is natural for anything unnatural does not exist
in a natural world, it is only our "attribution" that may be
unnatural--that may be where the suffering lies for us....I could be

Spiral dynamics among other systems helps me to understand
the "nature" of things.

A few years ago (7<g>), I wrote a piece called "Everybody's Right."

In this piece, I put forward a
point of view that--now that I think about it--is in direct alignment
with what I'm saying. What you'll fight me on is the concept
that "everybody's right." Yet, what is natural is that very
premise. I suppose for some of you, "everybody's left" might be more
appropriate, however you get my metaphorical meaning, I hope.

Except those, who are pathological--and perfectly natural for their
pathology--life is a matter of vMEMEs. Each of us tries to
understand, explain and control living systems (each other and/or our environment) through our own mental models--to us, this is right...or left, depending on your leaning.

We fail to see that by us "explaining" the world as we are...we are
in fact participating in the suffering--its causal state--that we
claim to alleviate--thereby participating in the "nature" of

If people can't be until they are...then people are as they are
naturally, good or bad in "attribution." Again, pathology aside--a
natural sickness I'm sure we'll discover over time as the brain and
genome maps will prove--suffering in nature is natural.

As consciousness seeks to alleviate suffering--perhaps my own wishful
thinking, as sometimes we think it is people who can alleviate
suffering--consciousness may take on a completely new form (leaving
us suffering humans) behind. I'm not sure of this "state" yet I
imagine that r/evolution will ultimately guide itself through
natural means from not here to now here. is already
here, but masked in "attribution" we make around suffering

Before I get too far out, I'll end my reflection...and just say, that
being who we are, standing up authentically for what we believe "may"
be unnatural. is when we surrender to all of that and
see the nature in all things, that we will find our place naturally
in the r/evolution...but then, I could be wrong!<VBG>

For what it's worth,



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