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No you Can't!

"You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have, be anything you wish to be." -Robert Collier

This is a fallacy promoted by people over time and has become almost a truth.

Robert Collier if I'm correct in my attribution was a great copy writer.  He appealed to people's emotion in ways that perhaps no one else ever did.

Yet, the damage marketer's do to the human race is paralyzing in my view.

Even our founding father's wrote about "men being created equal."  I know what they meant, but most people don't in my view.  People are different.

We are NOT created equal and because we continue to found our governance, our leadership and our training on the silly notion that anyone can learn or do or be anything, we're using up a lot of energy in the universe that could be applied to more efficient uses.

I won't go into it here, but we have to wake up and start dealing with life as it is and not how we think it is.

Yes, people are created equal in terms of the rights, but they should not be treated equal in terms of being, having, doing and becoming potential.

We should immediately begin to treat people according to kind.  No, I'm not talking about race, creed, culture, but capacity.  If we keep working with the falsification that people can be anything, we'll keep putting people in the wrong places and keep encouraging people to be things they are not, instead of helping them find who they are and the right place to be, have, do and become.

Well, many will say this is eugenics, but it is not, it is emergenics, which allows a person to emerge into the glow of their unique gifts, talents and desire.

It's not about classifying people, although classification is key.  It's about giving people the opportunity to utilize their gifts in a way that is rewarding for the individual and collective.

I won't profess the exact knowledge required, as there is no exacting science here.  Yet, it becomes clear when we give people the right to be treated as an individual and not someone to mould, then we have to change the way we educate, lead and manage people.

Here's another rant I'll place here as it contains the same meme:

From Wilber's interview with That Moment of One-ness Is What Performing Is All About - Eddie Kowalczyk

I picked this up at about 22 min into the conversation: Wilber speaking:

"it's not obvious immediately how to do something like this, but an entire package at some point is this introductions via altered states into one's own higher nature and then states can be converted into traits through practice, through an actual discipline and then states get converted into stages, actual permanent competences...there has got to be some overall integral package where sort of, you get an introduction...this is basically a transmission, the equivalent of instantaneous direct pointing out of the deeper aspect of one's nature after the concert is over...look at types of discipline that can keep that high going so to speak....

[END Quote]

I'm writing to you about this because I picked this same type of statement up in Kosmic Consciousness, Wilber's new audio program from Sounds True.

What I notice in Wilber's brilliance are these often counter intelligent remarks as he weaves systems together, such as the one above, "state to trait..."

I have a hard time with this because this buys into the fallacy--in my opinion--that exists among humanists that we can change our hard-wired neural pathways. While I won't say that I believe it is impossible, I do believe it is improbable and at best should be something that is discussed among people who are perhaps deep practitioners, maybe .1% of the population--if one were truly integral and understood that people at lesser sophisticated levels take what more sophisticated levels literally, without the ability to discern what is true and what is not true for their reality.

I think it does a disservice--the reason I'm bringing it up for discussion--to society when flaws are reproduced like the comment he is making about using a "state to change a trait" permanently, or a practice to change a trait, as if anyone could just learn the mechanics (probably meditation) and bingo, they become more or less Open/Conscientious/Extroverted/Agreeable/Neurotic (the big five traits).

Maybe I don't see it, and maybe my practice is at such a low level I can't see it, but this is at its roots basically flawed and champions the humanist (GREEN) argument of blank slate, noble savage that Steven Pinker has all but dismantled in The BLANK SLATE. Others have also dismantled this theory and while it is the MOST DANGEROUS MEME of all--the blank slate is creating havoc with reality in my view (not that everything doesn't)<g>.

The meme is dangerous because people "want" to believe it.

I have at times criticized Thomas Leonard who is now gone from this life about creating the most dangerous memes of all--those memes that people so want to believe, mostly true (so they get by our defense systems), yet with these very basic flaws that over time produce huge movements which are found later to be flawed...such as Margaret Meade's Noble Savage Myth, that is embarrassingly invalid.

These memes are almost unsinkable and literally lead generations of people to develop a reality, which in my view, harms future generations because they waste so many resources. You will hear from GREEN about all the resources in humanity and physicality that are wasted by war, big business, bureaucracy, but GREEN doesn't see itself in the mirror....

This horrendous meme of "you can be anything you want to be" if you'll just...wastes FAR MORE RESOURCES than what I've seen wasted in the names of the other memes and here's why. This meme, while feeding off human hope and despair...causes us to spend billions for training and development designed to do exactly what Wilber suggests (bet you didn't think I was going to make it back around, did you!) "states to traits...then states to stages." [Face it, some people will NOT make it up there...wherever up there is...sorry to say. Evidence is sufficient in my view to stop saying to people, "you can be anything you want to be, if you'll just"]

Wilber's comment ignores the roll of nature AND the dirties of GREEN words: determinism in my view and postulates that people can change traits.

In my experience over the past 16 years as a business coach, working with some of the most intelligent, motivated and committed clients I've seen...after more than 20 years working with some of the best athletes in the world...playing beside them and competing against them...I NEVER SAW ONE change a trait.

Now, you could say that I don't know how, or that all these famous coaches and motivators (altered state producers) didn't know how. I would grant you that...but you are not going to get a non-Gale Sayers to run like a Gale Sayers...a non-Dante Hall to return punts and kickoffs like Dante Hall (he returned a punt about 90 yards yesterday in the KC/Denver Game and it was just magical)--I don't care HOW MUCH THEY MEDITATE.

Nor will you change someone's natural OCEAN (the big five), without GREAT expenditure of resources and then I doubt you can do it...is insane in my view to attempt it, as insane as attacking another country, gassing thousands, cheating people out of their rights, you name it...ALL are insane uses of human and non-human energy. Just because people will believe it and want it, doesn't mean that it is a good thing...no matter what color it is!

So, why do people keep perpetuating these memes?

Aren't we big enough to look ourselves in the mirror and stare into the abyss and say...well I'm just never going to be a lot less dominant, so how can I put myself in a position to succeed with this much dominance? Where do my natural gifts take me or how can I utilize the unique combination of traits I have to contribute?

Instead, I take pills, see gurus, go to training classes, see a therapist, do psychedelics, listen to rock music, have sex or whatever to produce an altered state where I am passive...?

Using this part of our neurophysiology in this way is less than efficient--legal and non-legal drug use, a horrendous scourge on mankind doesn't come from lower levels, it comes from higher levels of sophistication--those led to no man's land by the meme that says..."you can be anything" ... so why are you not?

We don't have the neural pathways that exist in our strength modes in our opposites, why would we want to become less than we are...for what...so we can be what OTHER PEOPLE WANT US TO BE...to be anything we want to be?

There are even cases, where if we truly understood nature, we could help people who have gifts which are not in fact gifts to society (although no one really understands pathology, autism, etc.) because no...we buy into the "meme" if we just train them, if we just help them see where they are going wrong, if we punish them, if we just unconditionally love them--they'll come round. Pick whatever intervention you like, they are all the same, they are based on the meme...you can be anything you want to if you try hard enough....

It's time we woke up from the dream and faced nature, that we are what we are and that are humanity.

Yes, we need to understand as quickly as possible what that means and how we can contribute to the universal nature of mankind and move from self-centered to compassionate life-centered or whatever you like there. That will involve dispelling this constant flow of humanist propaganda that literally chains people to false reality and wastes energy that could be applied to improving the world instead of being applied to improving improving--including altered states--where you can escape the nasty/dysfunctional person you are...which has become a business for the gurus.

I don't hear anyone--although there are few people who study the brain and nature--who is saying...wait a minute...let's take a look at what people are saying and investigate it for flaws. Let's not just slurp it up lock stock and barrel and continue to use it to numb people away from taking a look at what IS there in the abyss. After all, are we in need of manipulating people because they can't manage the truth? Do we have to keep filling them with feel-good memes that take their minds off of object reality...hmmm, sounds like ORANGE/Madison Ave, or BLUE/government, or RED/sports, or PURPLE/magic to me.

What I think...?

Just another 1st tier solution fabricated in the most fascinating manner with great levels of complexity...and magical rhetoric combined with "Machiavellian" mastery. If people are so integral and so smart, what makes them fall victim to these memes...traits? <VBG>


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Mike, October 2003

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