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Live As If You Were!

Recently, I have been reconsidering my own wellth and realize that while my life is going in the direction...there are a few things that I need to pay more attention to...like how much of me there really is around me--my weight gain.

I guess you have to be careful what you wish for, eh?  Being happy is going to kill me!

So, I decided to add Health & Well-Being to my list of 21 Day Challenges. In doing so, I began to really pay attention to what it was that kept me from automatically being as fit as I need to be to live a higher quality of life.

In doing so, I discovered that what I was doing was living as if I wasn't!

What do I mean...?

Well, when I ask myself this simple question: "Are you doing the things right now that you will be doing as a healthy 80 year-old?"

Of course, I wasn't and that is why I'm carrying more weight than I need and exercising infrequently.  It became clear to me, that all I had to do to be as I wanted to be was to change the way I thought and acted about being.

In fact, I was being exactly as my thoughts allowed me to be...fat.  I had a fat person's habits.  You know the comedian Jerry Clower once made the statement that "salad made people fat!"  His reasoning was that he always saw fat people at the salad bar.  I thought that was pretty funny and it ties in nicely with my thoughts on "living as if you were."

If you want to be a healthy 80 or 100 year-old as I do...because I'm curious what we're going to make of this world in the next 50 years....you have to live now as if you were a healthy 80-100 year-old.

What does that mean for you?

For me, it means

  Eating better, smaller more frequent meals. 

  Learning about my own glycemic issues and how most of the foods I like are on the wrong side of the index.

  Exercising regularly and more robustly.

  Paying attention--being mindful of living as if I were.

  Taking an integral approach to Health & Well-Being: take care of my inner world, as well as my outer world...and finding better ways to cooperate, collaborate and serve others.

Well, it's been 21 days since I started and I feel good about how far I've come.  What's more I feel really great about where I'm going and what I have to do to become that healthy senior citizen!

Life is short!  Live as if you were!

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