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It Ain't Your Father's Oldsmobile!

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You see, what we are helping you understand is that trade management of options in the SMART(tm) System is no different than picking up an important phone call, or handling a coaching call. You schedule it in your calendar, take care of your business and allow the asynchronous system to do your bidding for you.

Over time, the financial economy becomes an income provider...just like a regular client.

My goal in my trading "client" system is to produce 33% of my income from the financial "client." This allows me the time and freedom to give my "regular" clients more of my attention and to accept fewer "marginal" clients because of needing to maintain the income.

Over time, satisfaction improves which has a direct relationship to my productivity.

There is a second reason to begin demanding more from your "financial client" and that is the unpredictability of the events surrounding globalization.

The biggest thing that people have a difficult time understanding is that the past does NOT equal the future in "non-linear" times. Those times are now commonplace. The rate of change is doubling every 10 years. This is exponential growth in the rate of change. The past does NOT equal the future.

As the world globalizes, more and more (information) service jobs--just like the agricultural and industrial jobs before--will migrate to lower cost environments. THIS IS THE NATURE OF BUSINESS. It is the nature of the economy. Adam Smith stated this in the 1700s and his specialization of jobs--each person specializes in a job that is good for them, allowing others to assume jobs that are good for others is happening and will continue to happen.

Business reality seeks the lowest cost provider!


Most of us are consistently looking for bargains. Most of us invest our portfolios in stocks we think will go up. Therefore the pressure on business to perform is higher now than it has ever been.

This morning I read two stories, one about the pensioners in Britain and how many of them are living in poverty and a major concern in Britain is having sufficient funds to maintain a decent standard of living as people get older.

Another story about India, where software engineers are learning to deal with western culture because more and more jobs are coming to India. India is experiencing 60% growth annually in jobs even while the western world is losing job growth.

Two stories...the worst of times, the best of times...welcome home Alice!

Over time, there are going to be several things required of professionals.

1. Retraining for jobs not yet created in the information & molecular economy.

2. Letting go of the past, it ain't coming back, anymore than your father's oldsmobile. (Oldsmobile, one of the oldest brands has been discontinued by GM.)

3. Learning to be more adaptable to change, which means learning how to derive income from more than one source. Not just putting money away for retirement, that must be done as well, but learning to harvest seeds planted in the real, financial, connected and molecular economies--diversification of income streams.

Being dependent on only "1" income stream is likely to cause serious disruptions in your standard of living.

4. Removing your dependence on government pensions, programs and entitlements.

Let me tell you a brief story.

This is personal and therefore is close to home for me. My wife is from Colombia, South America. Colombia as you know has been in strife for a number of years, as warring factions have literally ripped apart what is a very rich country in terms of natural resources, climate and its great people.

My wife's mother recently retired from public service of more than 30 years. Her pension is the equivalent of about $25 US per month. Since my wife and I were married, the Colombian peso has lost 1/2 it's value and I suspect over the course of my mother-in-law's working lifetime MOST of its value.

30 years of effort, saving, doing what's right has resulted in a pension that is barely able to provide food, nonetheless, shelter, medicine, or anything that a retired person would need to maintain a "decent" standard of living.

This is happening all over the world--quietly--below the radar.

Yet, people in America think it can't happen to them.

It will be sad when it does. At this time, there is nothing to prevent it from happening. It is no longer a wild card. It is an eventuality!

If you take a look at how all of the wealth in the world is stacked, you begin to see that a very few control most of the wealth and along with it the mechanisms of weath.

Short of asking for revolution, most professionals are in grave danger of losing their ability to support their golden years in the manner that the current generation enjoys.

Entitlements can be EASILY inflated away. NOW, as the Fed Reserve protects us from the damning deflation raking through Japan for the past 10 years, the money supply grows quietly at alarming rates.

I am NO economist, but as a business person I do understand business dynamics. And the dynamics of business to support the entitlements that are promised in the form of social security, medicare, pensions and the like can't be supported without severly taxing our children. Our children themselves have a distinct challenge in front of them that will not allow high taxation and (hopefully) will be better equipped to deal with globalization than the baby boomers patiently laboring for retirement.

I won't talk about the issues that I know are occurring. I'm not here to convince you, I'm hear to warn you to take action now.

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