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The Coming Global Depression

"Someone said once, if you say things enough times they won't happen...that is my wish here."

Not to freak everyone out, but one view of the futures that was presented by Barry Minkin at WFS was the one on global depression.

I'm afraid I agree.

Now, I do believe it won't last long if indeed it does occur, yet what I feel is that what may not occur as a depression will be worse.

I write about it in my blog at: http://www.coachtoday.com  called "American Dream."

There are many reasons for learning how to govern your financial future, the least of which is enough financial literacy that you can protect your portfolio through options (one of the best ways in my view).

The problem as I see it is that most people think the future is going to be an extension of the past. This "future" is flawed.

Take these facts:

More books were published between 1990-2000, then all of history.

More information came online in 2001-2 than was created in all of history.

Change is doubling every 10 years: this is exponential, non-linear growth!

In my view, it is impossible to remain in the eye of the hurricane for two reasons:

1. If "we" could, the turbulence created by others NOT remaining would surely bring us out into the winds of change.

2. Demographics.

Demographics have become the lynchpin of our future, not just in terms of feeding everyone--our population will stabilize at about 9 billion humans...it will NOT continue to grow.

HOWEVER, that is not the issue.

The issue is what does the current set of paradigms ASSUME in regards to demographics?

A lot of short-sighted programs designed to passify voters in a short-term democractic scenario.

The key to removing ourselves from the inherent danger of the past and thus being flung into the turbulence of the demographic hurricane is a longer term view, which includes a rear view mirror and windshield!

Hence, I'm back full circle.

What do we as individuals and as a collective have as our purpose?

I'm not sure I can answer that for you, but for me, it means not being blown off-course by the hurricane of shortsightedness and the demographic tsunami bearing down on me.

I search continuously on the other side of complexity for simplicity...complexity is a difficult mountain to climb. No one can hide--that is the issue. No one will escape the "fallout" from this hurricane--it will become everyone's problems whether they like it or not.

My suggestion to you is to listen carefully to Minken's treatise. As a long time member of the Stanford Research Institute, his credibility is unquestioned.

In regards to Wellth MasterMIND, we continue to identify the tools of this age and the next. Educating ourselves in the financial literacy of the next economy is no different than learning word processing 30 years ago.

If you fail to update your skills, then you best have the resources available to marshall the appropriate response to the turbulence and disruption on our doorstep.

Remember, this is NOT doom and gloom.

It is about taking personal responsibility for your actions individually and collectively, internally and externally across all dimensions. If you have ideas you would like to offer--ideas that may be a part of this next economy skillset, please let me know, I would like to include them in my research!

Now, here's the link to "The Coming Global Depression" by Barry Minkin, presented at the 2003 World Future Society in San Francisco, CA.


Mike Jay


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