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BlueMan Syndrome

I was talking with someone the other day about business and it dawned on me that most of us trying to operate a business fall victim to what I'm calling the BlueMan Syndrome."  You know, those guys that paint themselves blue and do stuff. 

Well, underneath it all, they are not blue, it is just paint--a coating, not deep values!

Most of us who are failing to execute are not enough true blue.

By that I am referring to Spiral Dynamics Blue Memes:

[I've listed the four vMEME Attractor Basins where (level 1) integral lies in business taken from: http://www.spiraldynamics.com]

Goal Systems

3 RED (C-P) power/action; asserting self to dominate others; control
4 BLUE (D-Q) stability/order; obedience to earn later reward; meaning
5 ORANGE (E-R) opportunity/success; competing to achieve results; influence
6 GREEN (F-S) harmony/love; joining together for mutual growth; awareness

Value Systems

3 RED (C-P) l like a jungle where the tough and strong prevail while the weak serve; nature is an adversary
4 BLUE (D-Q) controlled by a Higher Power that punishes evil and eventually rewards good works and Right living
5 ORANGE (E-R) full of resources to develop and opportunities to make things better and bring prosperity
6 GREEN (F-S) the habitat wherein humanity can find love and purposes through affiliation and sharing

Coping Systems

3 RED (C-P) asserting self for dominance, conquest, and power; exploitive; egocentric
4 BLUE (D-Q) obediently as higher authority and rules direct; absolutist; conforming
5 ORANGE (E-R) pragmatically to achieve results and get ahead; multiplistic; achievist
6 GREEN (F-S) responds to human needs; affiliative; relativistic; situational


As your systems get better, you or your employees will have to exert less and less effort.

Page 281, Rich Dad's Guide To Investing by Robert Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter

Take a look at this conversation:

generati says:
we're not doing good in blue, we're suffering from blueman syndrome, where its just paint, not blue through and through

X says:
xxxxx don't seem to fit well from bus perspective - especially "f" and the majority I have are "f'"s so takes a bit longer [referring to MBTI "F"]

generati says:
be good to question the simple rules underneath of that

generati says: Can they pass the Integral Test?

blue accountabiilty, orange authority, green responsibility and red power...

generati says:
don't think the system is healthy...otherwise, it wouldn't not work

generati says:
regardless of type dynamics, it's the system silly

X says:
missed the point - understand. Maybe it's skills issue and bus because I don't think too many folks I'm working with would survive in bus - xxxx is one example.

generati says:
well, they won't survive because we are dependent on them rather than standards and therefore can't replace them when they fail the integral test I noted above

generati says:
since WE have failed the test, we perpetuate that failure onto them and hence we are victims of our own failure

generati says:
if we want them to change, we must be the change we seek, rather than pointing out that they are not like us?

generati says:
there is an essential mgmt/leadership issue contained here

generati says:
we get what we put up with and that attracts what we get

generati says:
the other thing that is happening is that we are reactive rather than proactive and part of that is my fault and I accept responsibility and will apply the integral forces necessary to resolve it

generati says:
over time

In a metasense, the integral of our business is flawed and therefore what rises from it is flawed.  In order to remove the "BlueMan Syndrome," we have to research the blue accountability memes to re-establish the platform that supports an integral approach in the other memes.  It is both recursive and iterative in a mutually supportive developmental web.

Mike Jay, Aug 3, 2003

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